Public Health Emergency Planning and Response

The Public Health Emergency Planning and Response coordinator acts as the local liaison between state and federal resources that can be mobilized during a public health emergency. This position works closely with other emergency response personnel and volunteers. Committees the PHRC is responsible for include the Community Health and Emergency Medical Preparedness committee (CHEMP), the Albany County Medical Reserve Corps (ACMRC), and the Collegiate Preparedness and Response Corps (CPRC).

Medical Reserve Corps, Albany County

The Medical Reserve Corps for Albany County (ACMRC) is a corps of volunteers (medical and non-medical) who are trained to help Albany County Public Health during a public health emergency. The ACMRC is also designed to help other agencies during a disaster.

Register for the Albany County MRC at Click on 'Albany County MRC' after you click on 'Register now'.

Surveillance & Investigation of Communicable Diseases

Assures the control of the spread of communicable disease through:

Emergency preparedness procedures
Active monitoring of diseases
Education of, and follow-up with, exposed persons regarding their care
Contact investigation
Community education
Rabies vaccinations and treatment for exposures

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